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Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
in harm's ayy" at targettsalong gaza's shoreline.the united stttes and other world leaderr consider hamas a terrorist organization.the egyptian prime minnster arrived in the gaza strip this morning, to meet with paleettnian &poffiiials about the ttacks. the c---a is opening up an director, general david e - petraeus.petraeus resiined last week as c---aadirector. director.this is a live llok on capitol hill.. where toddy... he will go bbfore congressional committees to pestiff on september's deadly ttrror attack on the u-s dippommtic mission in beeghazi, libya. president obama got an left by superstorm sandy.he visited victims on nee yyrk's staten isllnd on thursday..fter surveying the ddstruction from the sky, the president walkkd the mud-caked streets, aloog ith hii homeeand security chief, the governor of nnw york , and the mayor of new yook city.the biggest issue right now from people still without power more than two weeks aater sandy hit. occupy walllstteet protesters coold ave a revolltionary idea... to help peeple who are buried under student loan debt.a sub-grouu call
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1